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Week 3 (11/7) Prayer 3

Susan August 17, 2021

We explore the life-giving mission of praying for ourselves and others with the practices of praying the ordinary and intercessory prayer

Click on the “play” button to start Pastor Caroline’s talk for week 3.

Here is the handout that includes:

  • An outline of the video talk
  • Discussion guide you can do by yourself or with your Life Group
  • Additional suggestions for reading and study resources

Discussion Question for the Week
We invite you to scroll down and post your comments about the question.
What is your biggest challenge in prayer?
As you read other’s comments, encourage each other and share your thoughts.

Family Activity:
Looking for a quick, fun way to get your kids involved with this week’s teaching? Click the PDF below for ways to engage your whole family in just 10 minutes!
Here is the link to the video clip together: http://bit.ly/AfterAlphaWhyWePray

Sharing your questions:
Thanks for letting us know your questions about prayer by:

  • Posting below (with your answers to the Discussion Question)
  • or Emailing: Susan.Anderson@hopewdm.org